Everyday Eveready Moments

7:43:00 PM

When I'm watching TV, I always want to hold the remote and I want to be the one to change the channels. Sometimes my brothers would argue with me about it and it will start a fight among us. Well, I'm the eldest so they can't do anything about it unless my dad will intervene. Hmf!

The other day, I tried turning the tv on but got disappointed because the remote won't work. Or maybe it was the battery. I tried the battery of the other remote for the dvd and it worked! So, time to change batteries! 

Well, the dvd and the tv's remote have Eveready batteries on them so I guess it's life span is longer. We always use Eveready when changing batteries, can it be the wall clock, our flashlight and other equipments at home. It's very affordable and reliable. The batteries last longer!

New batteries!
Now I can just sit back, relax and enjoy the tv shows!

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